Monday, July 18, 2011

You Are Exactly Where You're Supposed to Be

Have you ever felt as if you are in the wrong place in life? Have you ever felt you should be further along in your personal, financial, professional, even spiritual goals than you ought to be? Is it God's will for you to be where you are now? The truth of the matter is....You are exactly where you are supposed to be in your life.  I personally have been guilty of this time and time again.  I would reflect on my life and consider where I am now versus where I think am supposed to be by a certain age or stage in my life. I used to equate age with success, the older you got the more you should have accomplished in life, however I now realize that God has my life preordained, already mapped out.  He already knows where I would be in my life even at the age I am now.  I should not fret because I have not achieved certain things by a certain age because God has a plan for my life. And so it is with you as well. You are on the right path to where God wants you to be, therefore trust Him knowing that in due time you will reach the destination He has for you.  In life we will encounter disappointments, pain, heartache, challenges, stumbling blocks, setbacks and these things sometimes make us question if we are on the right path or if we are in the place we should be, however through all of this remember you are right where you are supposed to be.  Those very challenges that you experience will help you get to where God wants you to be.  Trust God! You are in the right place in your life.  God is faithful and He has promised that you will reach your destination!

Share your thoughts... Do you sometimes feel that you are delayed in things you think you should have accomplished already?

The Best is Yet to Come,

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  1. Yes I definately feel this way @ times but then God reminds me that (IF) He'd given me what I desire to have right now, or had placed me where (I THOUGHT) I should be that I would abuse it and my focus would not be on HIM. It would be on the what and the where. Therefore, I'm learning patience and I thank Him for where I am right now, what I have right now. I know that I WILL have what He says I will have, I WILL go where He says I will go in HIS timing because His timing is perfect.